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    With the endless wedding shenanigans, comes the duty of making the perfect choices. And in the endless sea of bridal bras, one might feel lost in the thought of what might be the perfect choice of bridal lingerie. Buy bridal bra online India from a wide array of collections from colors, sizes, materials and design. From lacy bridal bras to alluring cotton picks, shop bridal bras online with ease and grab the perfect bridal bra of your dreams!

    Why to Buy Bridal Bra from Lovable India

    Lovable India not only provides a wide range of styles when it comes to lingerie, but it represents the Indian women's needs in its design, fit and fabric. Buy Indian bridal bras from Lovable India at a very reasonable price and flaunt your wedding dress like a princess that you are! With Lovable versatile bridal bras, that enhance the beauty of womanhood inside the ghagra, or saree or your Sabyasachi Lehenga, you leave all the discomfort behind and swirl into your wedding day. From lacy detailing to padded bridal bra to bridal red bra, Lovable bridal bra makes sure that you have a smooth transition from your special day to your special night. So dance along in your mehndi and sangeet cause Lovable got your back! Literally with extended back supportive panels that do not dig into your skin. The best site to buy bridal bra online India is Lovable. Jump into bridal bra online shopping now!

    Why should you wear a Bridal Bra

    Bridal bra might sound a little over the top, but it does have some special unique benefits. Who wouldn’t want a special touch on their special day. Bridal bra serves as the cherry on top for that special day.

    So let us dive into a few benefits of wearing a bridal bra:

    • Confidence: So first and foremost, let’s deal with the most important advantage of wearing a bridal bra. With the perfect bra, comes perfect confidence. Sweat away all the nervousness with the best bridal bra ever from Lovable India.

    • Support along with Comfort: A big fat Indian wedding always demands greater stamina, boosted spirits and physical activities. The busy day full of functions and ceremonial activities demand superior support and extended comfort. Bridal bras in Lovable are designed for such ceremonies. So what are you waiting for?

    • Enhances the Bridal touch: While choosing a bridal bra, the bride can choose whatsoever lingerie needs they wish to have. For example, what kind of a bra does the day demand - will it be a backless white bridal bra for bridal gown, or a padded lace-detailed red bridal bra to match the red lehenga. Different bridal dresses might demand specific qualities of the bra on the basis of the fabric, color and design.

    • Versatility: A bridal bra can be used beyond the wedding. It is important for the bride to feel beautiful inside out, hence, a special Indian bridal bra can help put that icing on the top.

    What kind of Bridal Bras to consider for Wedding and Honeymoon?

    The onset of the big day is so pressurizing. With all the struggles and emotional tsunamis. Lovable understands your dilemma and hence leave all your lingerie worries with us! Curated a short brief on which bras to consider for your wedding day and honeymoon.

    1. Bridal Bra for Lehenga: Designed to wear under the heavy detailed fabric of Lehenga. The bridal lehenga bra generally has a deeper back to go invisible under the low back cut cholis or blouses. Featuring a full coverage look, this bra provides ample support throughout the hectic wedding day and ceremonial functions.

    2. Convertible Bra: A convertible bra might prove as a right choice for weddings as Indian weddings rotate with a busy schedule full of activities. A convertible bra can serve for different outfits with detachable straps whenever needed.

    3. Special Designer Bra: A lot of Indian brides love to add a delicate touch to the lingerie by buying bras with intricate details. What more do you need than a beautiful embroidered bra with floral motifs or lacy fabric. Explore Lovable Indian Bridal Bras and get that perfect bra under your Dulhan ka Joda. Supposedly a bridal red bra to go under the choli.

    4. Padded Bra: Of Course it comes to the bride on what one is comfortable wearing, so both padded and non padded bras might suit on the basis of personal preferences. Yet, a padded bra might add up a gentle lift to the bust and enhance the cleavage. This would go nice with a sweetheart neckline blouse.

    5. Seamless Bra: It is important to go for a seamless bra under the wedding outfits since the seams might hinder the perfect looks of the outfit. A seamless bra with a mild cup structure is good to go for both wedding and honeymoon.

    So you’re ready as the Dulhaniya to be taken away by your Dilwale! Best wishes from Lovable!


    1, What is a bridal bra?

    Ans: Bridal bras are special lingerie that are designed to provide a good fit and support on the special wedding day and beyond.

    2. How to select a bridal bra ?

    Ans: To select a bridal bra, first consider your preferences and your bridal outfit. Decide on what bra would go best with your outfit and choose from the wide range of designs such as backless bra, stick on bra, balconette bra and so on.

    3. How to identify a normal bra & bridal bra?

    Ans: There’s no such distinction as per bridal bra or normal bra. But Bridal bras are typically said to be considered having intricate delicate designs with a seamless couture so that one can feel and look elegant inside out.

    4. Which is the best fabric for a bridal bra?

    Ans: Pure cotton fabric might be well suited for a bridal bra so that comfort is consistent throughout the day. One might also opt for satin to ponder on the elegant side.

    5. How to buy a bridal bra?

    Ans: Visit Lovable India website using the filter of bridal bra. Or visit the nearby lingerie store and ask for Lovable products. Select and buy according to the personal preferences.

    6. Which color bridal bra is best for a honeymoon?

    Ans: A lot of public opinion suggests red as the romantic color and also as it connects deeply to Indian brides. Yet, it is definitely personal choices that matter.

    7. How to wash a bridal bra?

    Ans: Use a gentle soap and mildly wash the bridal bra with your hands. Avoid using strong detergents.

    8. What is the difference between padded & non padded bridal bras?

    Ans: Padded bridal bras provide an extra lift due to the paddings, whereas the non-padded bridal bras do not have that extra padding yet is equally comfortable.

    9. Can I get a wired bridal bra?

    Ans: Yes, wired bridal bras are available both online and offline from Lovable India.


    Top Bridal Bras Products


    Daisy Dee Black Non Padded Non Wired Full Coverage Bra Nchresma Black Rs. 354
    Lovable Red Non Padded Non Wired Full Coverage Bra Original Red Rs. 641
    Daisy Dee Baby Pink Non Padded Non Wired 3 4Th Coverage Bra Cherry Baby Pink Rs. 273
    Lovable Aruba Blue Non Padded Non Wired Full Coverage Bra Le 237 Aruba Blue Rs. 239
    Daisy Dee White Non Padded Non Wired Full Coverage Bra Nchresma White Rs. 354
    Daisy Dee Skin Non Padded Non Wired Full Coverage Bra Nchresma Skin Rs. 354
    Lovable Maroon Non Padded Non Wired Full Coverage Bra L0596 Maroon Rs. 480
    Daisy Dee Maroon Non Padded Non Wired 3 4Th Coverage Bra Cherry Maroon Rs. 273
    Lovable Black Non Padded Non Wired Full Coverage Bra L 0196 Black Rs. 454


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