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    Bra for women is the most needful component in a wardrobe. And it is equally important that the bra and panties feel like a constant companion rather than a worry! With the onset of versatile fashion, there has been a rising demand for a quest for “that perfect bra”. Technically, a bra is what binds all the women of this planet together, coming in different shapes and sizes and also colors for unique breasts. May it be a backless strapless bra or a halter neck bra or a regular plunge bra, all in one place with ease of online shopping from Lovable. Engage in the Lovable spree of bra shopping online. Ease like never before! Right at your fingertips. Buy bra for women with the ultimate comfort for any shape or size. Whether it is your favorite pink bra or your daily backup black bra, may it be the running bra that supports you more than the people in your life or the white bra that fits best under your white tops; or maybe the everlonging bridal bra for your special day.

    Why buy Bra from Lovable India

    Lovable India has been a trusted place with a million Indian women being a happy customer. With the wide range of products, that caters to the versatile taste of the women. Of Course, it comes with a lot of ifs and buts, dos and don'ts. Hence, just a little support from Lovable to clear out the cloudy doubts regarding a bra. Whether it is your favourite pink cotton bra or your daily black bra, may it be the running bra that supports you more than the people in your life or the white bra that fits best under your light coloured outfits! Enjoy the happiness of buying all these bras keeping your personal convenience at best. Buy the perfect ladies’ bra from Lovable India now! Relish the ease of Lovable bra online shopping now. 

    How to Choose a Perfect Bra for Women

    Choosing a perfect bra is as important as choosing your bridal dress. Well did you know? Almost 87.8% of the women are owners of three combinations – a pink bra, a black bra, and a white bra, which are the highest-selling bra colors worldwide. Choosing the dream-bra might seem like a very hectic job, but not anymore! With Lovable online shopping here to rescue - the one stop destination for best women innerwear, you can easily feel the fabulousness on a daily basis. To choose the perfect bra, one might use the following useful tips:

    1. A perfect bra can be chosen depending on the activity or a particular dress that has a different neckline. For example, sporty bras are best to wear while doing activities that need high body functions and flexibilities. There are several other basic bra styles that go for normal activities. If one opts for a deep neckline then the best bra would be of a plunge neckline. One might choose it to be seamless or the ones with seams depending on the personal preferences.

    2. Padding: A few apparels might demand a thin layer of cover while others might demand a slightly padded one. Hence, it is important to choose the right padding that fits the body shape and type.

    3. Coverage: There are bras with different coverage so that one can wear them under any neckline or design with ease. Shop medium coverage bra or a full coverage bra depending on personal preferences. Explore the superfriendly Lovable medium padded detachable strap bra - cause you get all styles in just one bra!

    4. Fashion: After exploring the perfect fit, dive into the intricate details such as which material to look into - Satin, Lace or something else. Or to choose a pink bra or a backless black bra.

    How to Measure Cup Size for Bra

    In maintaining a good bra game, it is essential to take note of the perfect fit. To measure a bra cup size one might take help of the following steps.

    1. Measure band size: While standing straight, take a measuring tape and encircle around your lower bust area, right under the breasts. Make sure that the tape remains level and comfortable. Round off the measurement to the nearest whole number.

    2. Bust measurement: Now wrap around the fullest part of your bust. Make sure that the tape is not digging or too loose. Repeat rounding this off to the nearest whole number.

    3. Measure cup size: Now all you need to do is subtract the band size with the value of bust measurement. The difference between these values is your estimated cup size.

    Find the general measurement table below:

    Value Difference (in Inches)


    0-1 inch difference

    AA cup

    1-2 inch difference

    A cup

    2-3 inch difference

    B cup

    3-4 inch difference

    C cup

    4-5 inch difference

    D cup

    5-6 inch difference

    DD / E cup

    6-7 inch difference

    DDD / F cup

    7-8 inch difference

    G cup

    8-9 inch difference

    H cup


    Find a bra size chart curated just for you from Lovable. Hop on to lingerie shopping!

    Types of Bra

    Did you know? That there are more than 28 bra styles till date known to womankind. Other than your daily bra, there has been a massive advancement in the bra culture with the contemporary trends and needs. Let’s dive into the types of bra that exist and see which one could possibly cater your needs to the closest.

    1. Backless bra: Typically worn under dresses and tops that has a bare back or a low back, this backless bra is one of the most popular women bra among the lot. The ease to not compromise with style makes it attractive to all the women who love walking the confidence lane.

    2. Balconette bra: Also known as the Shelf bra, a balconette bra is nothing but comes in the shape of a balcony. Typically with a cubical low front neckline, it goes perfectly well when paired with tops and dresses. The special characteristics of gently lifting the bust with the balcony shape, provides good shape to the cleavage area. 

    3. Bandeau bra: The name itself suggests a band that is quite stretchy and typically has built-in cups. It holds the bust in place.

    4. Bralette: Bralettes are kind of bra tops that are typically lightweight and have a simple design. Formulated to provide a comfortable cover without being too tight.

    5. Bullet bra: A classic bra with a bold design, a bullet bra has a pointed cup. Not popular in present times, a bullet bra is a full coverage bra. Originally known as Torpedo bra, the name bullet bra holds war political connotations.

    6. Contour bra: The function of a contour bra is to provide a firm rounded shape to the breast as the name suggests. 

    7. Convertible bra: This is a brasserie that serves as a multi-purpose bra. It is designed in such a manner that straps can be removed completely or designed in whichever way it pleases. The straps can be designed as normal straps, criss cross design or one shoulder according to the style demands.

    8. Demi-cup: This is a bra that is designed with partial cups. Typically v-neck design.

    9. Halter Neck bra: This bra has a halter neck cut that goes mostly with sleeveless halterneck tops or dresses.

    10. Long-line bra: It elongates from breast area to the waist. It provides additional abs support and work as an inner.

    11. Minimizer: As the name suggests, it minimizes the bust by providing tight gentle pressure.

    12. Push-up bra: A very common bra which is worn basically to provide a bustier look. The pads are designed in such a manner that it provides a gentle lift to the bust. There are typically push-up padded bra that are more common in any girl’s wardrobe.

    13. Plunge bra: Plunge bras aim to provide a fuller cleavage look with gentle push from angular pads pushing the breasts towards the center. Typically for lower necks.

    14. Racerback bra: These bras have a shoulder strap design of T or V at the back. Are mostly used as running bra providing comparatively higher support as there is no worry for the straps to fall off. Designed for a sporty fit and also goes well under racerback tops and tees.

    15. Sports bra: Sports bra or running bra have been one of the most revolutionary of all bras as it is meant for high intensity activities. It keeps the girlies in place and uses spandex fabric to provide maximum support.

    16. Seamless bra: The bras that have no seams or stitches are the seamless bra. Goes well under light layers of fabric.

    17. T Shirt bra: A t shirt bra has a padding that is just right to fit under any t-shirt or sporting. Shop the perfect t shirt bra from Lovable India now!

    18. Adhesive bra: Generally made of silicone pads, these are invisible bras that stick on to the breast with skin friendly gum. These function as a second skin by sticking on to the bosom without any straps.

    These are some of the most popular bra styles.

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    1. What is Bra?

    Ans: A bra or a brasserie is a women innerwear that is worn to cover the breast to protect and support them.

    1. How do I know my cup size?

    Ans: To know the cup size, minus band size from the value of bust measurement. Find a detailed guide on how to measure the cup size at Lovable article.

    1. What is a padded bra?

    Ans: A padded bra has a seamless cushiony layer known as pads, made of soft materials which provide an extra lift and support to the breast.

    1. What is a non padded bra?

    Ans: Non-padded bra is a regular bra that has no extra padding. There is both seamless and seamed non-padded bras.

    1. What is a wired bra?

    Ans: A wired bra or an underwire bra has a wire in the band part right below the bust. It provides a circular shape to the bust tissues.

    1. What is a non-wired bra?

    Ans: A non-wired bra is a wireless bra. It is better in comfort and can be worn for a long time without soreness.

    1. What are daily use bras?

    Ans: Daily use bras are general bras that can be worn on a daily basis with normal clothes.

    1. Which bra goes perfect for any outfit?

    Ans: Adhesive bra or a strapless backless bra can be worn under any outfit. Yet, special designer necklines demand custom designed bras.

    1. How to take care of a bra?

    Ans: One must avoid washing a bra with harsh detergents as it is made of soft delicate fabrics.Must always use cold water for washing. Also, never stretch or squeeze your bra.

    1. At what age a girl should wear a bra?

    Ans: It is advisory to wear a bra after reaching adolescence when the girl starts developing the breast tissues. One can start with non wired training bras with no padding.

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