Best Women’s Tops in December 2023

Have you ever been stressed out not knowing what you want to wear and stare at your wardrobe for another 10 minutes trying to decide what to wear? For some women this is common occurrence. While you may have a favourtie pair of pants to wear every week.  Finding the right & matching top is not easy due to women not wanting to repeat the same time three times a week. 

That’s why we created this blog to highlight some of the best women’s tops from trendy to classics out on the market right now. 


Both men's and women's tops have the same origin however the difference lies in their evolution. Initially, in ancient roman times, The tunica interior was worn by both men & women. It was a T-shaped dress made from cotton and wool. It was an undergarment to be covered by clothing on top. Next, as materials made their way from Persia to Europe the tunic eventually evolved into shirts and camis which took the form and shape we see today. The chest's opening was more open and rounded, it was at this point men's and women’s tops became differentiated. This evolution started in Italy around 1450-1600, during this period women’s tops were made to beautify women and be worn on top when going outside of their homes. These tops were made with quality linen and improved with embroiderings in silk, silver and gold. In this period, women’s tops were given more importance and a sense of their own identity & value.  


Different types of women’s tops

1. Designer scoop neck tops: 

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These tops are made using polyester or polyester blends and are especially more popular with teens and young adults. This is due to the scoop neck being loose and comfortable around an individual's neck. This top is not only comfortable but also fashionable. Thus, they are usually in every women’s wardrobe. 

2. Cropped mini tops: 

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Cropped mini tops are trendy and tasteful amongst young women. Moreover, some of these tops are off-shoulder, making them particularly unique and stylish. These tops come in numerous colours, patterns sleeves and sizes. 

3. Lace tops: 

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Lace tops you guessed it are made out of 100% lace. Nevertheless, these tops do not all look the same this is since they come in a variety of different styles, colours, designs and forms. Sheer and cotton are the materials used to make lace tops. This top looks great on bigger women as the lace top aids in a slimmer look due to its loose-fitting nature. Usually, this top includes two layers the inner one being a rather nude or neutral colour and the outer layer can be white or black but can also come in other colours. 

4. Loose tops:

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Loose tops are made from comfortable materials like cotton. These types of tops are usually sleeveless or short-sleeved. They also have a very loose-fit kinda style. They are loose-fitting from top to bottom. These women’s tops are specifically designed this way to keep the top loose and rather low. Built for ladies with a rather medium or bigger build in mind due to their relaxed state across the body. 

5. Designer back pattern tops:

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Another trendy top favoured by a younger women, these tops contain a very cool and unique backside that consists of patterns that are head-turning and creative. The patterned tops can also have laces, zippers and many more characteristics. This top is created to expose a lady’s back and provide a rather sensual and sexy look. The back and front will always be different from one another in these tops and the patterns are made to look attractive. 

6. Button-up blouses: 

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These blouses are not particularly made from one material instead they can be made using many different materials (for example silk or cotton.) They come in numerous colours and sleeves of all lengths. Because of this, these tops enable you to choose from anything from sleeveless to full-length sleeves depending on the occasion and your look. Button-up blouses are worn by women of all ages and they come in prints, patterns or solid colours.


The GOATED looks: 

1. The chill look:

Designer scoop neck tops come in numerous different styles and designs. They can be worn with shorts or jeans for a rather casual look perfect for an afternoon get-together or when chilling with your friends. 

2. The beach look:

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Cropped mini tops are great when matched with jeans, mini skirts and shorts. They’re also great for many occasions such as a beach day with your friends to expose your skin to the sun or when going out to dance and party. 

3. The party look: 

Lace tops are fantastic to wear at parties as they provide a more elegant look when dressing up. Because of the range of patterns and styles, these tops are extremely versatile and go well with jeans and skirts as well as even shorts or capris. 

4. Casual look:

Loose tops can be a great option when it is extremely hot especially if you don’t want to wear something very tight. Loose tops can be matched with shorts or track pants for a casual look. 

5. Girls' night out look:

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Designer back pattern tops are ideal for clubs or even a date due to their sensual nature. Pair them with trousers or jeans and be ready for a girls’ night out. 

6. The daily look:

Button-up blouses are an essential top to keep in your wardrobe as they go well for almost any occasion regardless of whether you’re going to your local mall or going to the office this top has got you covered. 


The culture:


Shirts for women have existed for a long time but women’s tops have been made rather more recently to enhance and beautify women it’s safe to say these tops aren’t going out of trend anytime soon. Tops are a must-have for every lady and we suggest ladies pick up at least one of each top mentioned on this list. With so many different looks to try out you almost can’t go wrong. 


The only real issue with women’s tops is the number of options. From so many different types, styles and patterns, as well as brands to choose from it, can be confusing as to which one is best suited for you. 


Nonetheless, that is why we created this blog, to help shorten the number of options and provide you with the very best ones. Tops are an essential item for all women that have different options for any given occasion. 

Now it’s time to take things into your own hands and acquire the right top for you. We suggest looking no further and heading to Browse through the countless high-quality, 100% guarantee and fairly priced tops. Furthermore, if you have gained insights on what top you want, you would be supporting this blog by doing so. 



Q: What are the types of tops?

A: 1) Designer scoop neck 

     2) Cropped mini 

     3) Lace 

     4) Loose 

     5) Designer back pattern 

     6) Button-up blouse 


Q: What tops to wear with jeans?

A: 1) Designer scoop neck 

     2) Cropped mini 

     3) Lace 

     4) Designer back pattern 


Q: What are tops in fashion? 

A: Women’s tops are crafted to aid women to express their mood through their looks. 


Q: How do you style a top?

A: 1) Designer scoop neck matched with shorts or jeans. 

     2) Cropped mini worn with jeans, mini skirts or shorts.

     3) Lace paired with jeans, skirts, capris or shorts.

     4) Loose worn with shorts or track pants. 

     5) Designer back pattern matched with trousers or jeans.

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