Vision Mission Values

To Be India's foremost branded lingerie company with robust brands.


  • To generate more, every moment.
  • Achieve Market-defining Leadership in our chosen segments.
  • To continue to pioneer / bring to the Indian market each major innovation / paradigm shift in lingerie.
  • To populate each viable segment of the lingerie market with our brands.
  • To drive long term profits and sustainable growth by nurturing healthy brands operating in valuable segments.
  • To make LLL a great place to work by fostering talent and providing growth opportunities for our best associates / colleagues.
  • To supplant our best brands and best knowledge to more countries whose markets show similar characteristics as India's.?
  • To create sustainable competitive advantage by focusing on the evolving consumer.
  • Use differentiated marketing to rise above parity and commodisation in product markets.


  • Guiding Principle of Customer-centric Ideation: Believe totally in? thinking customer? at all times With customer as the Focus, coming up with Ideation in creating solutions to cater to her every desire.
  • Osmosis of Thought: Facilitating the osmosis of ideas, thoughts and Innovations through the company ecosystem.
  • Openness: Fostering diversity of opinion in all fora and in all interactions within the company by encouragement. Listening without bias and pre-conceived fixations and with respect to all colleagues. Giving and Receiving critique.
  • Ear-to-Opportunity: Always an ear to the shifting sands of the consumers? changing habits and preferences. As more evolved and premium-consuming patterns take root for products and services, LLL must grasp those opportunities to create possible growth options.
  • Action soon: In the growth phase of the Indian consumer economy, opportunities to build valuable assets will abound and with them, will lie the risks that must be mitigated, then assumed. While analyzing opportunities and risk, LLL's? accent is on speedy decision-making and actions.
  • Excellence a relentless pursuit: Continuous Improvement? through little nitty-gritty steps in all functions of the company. Processes & Capabilities building for sustained long term success.
  • Seamless organization benefits: Building an organization culture that fosters seamless thought flow and liberally extends support beyond the function.
  • Pioneering Spirit: In growing economies, the pioneers? exploring spirit must be kept burning at all times. Only that throws up radical opportunities for tilting against a market where parity and competition are continuously increasing. Then experimentation and calculated risk-taking must increase Probabilities of success in any initiative.
  • Global Outlook: Supplanting the very same values of customer-centric ideation, osmosis of thought, ear-to-opportunity, Action-orientation and Pioneering to more geographies where we back ourselves to build valuable businesses.