Wear and Care

How can I best care for my bra?

Your bra will provide longer wear and support if you follow the proper washing and drying instructions on your care label. If the label suggests hand washing, use a cleansing product designed for delicate fabrics. For machine-washable bras, attach hooks and eyes to avoid tangling, then place bras in a lingerie bag before washing on the delicate cycle, in cool water with gentle detergent. And never put bras in a clothes dryer. Air-dry only.

How can I best care for my panties?

Your panties will last much longer if you wash and dry them properly. Look at the garment label for laundering instructions. Wash with a load of other delicate fabrics on the delicate cycle if machine washing is recommended. Line drying is always the best choice since a hot dryer shortens the life of the fabric. However, if you want to use the dryer, set the controls on delicate.

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