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Bra Sizing Solutions, Bra Style Selection and Care Tips

Your bra is too big if:

Before changing bra sizes, try tightening the hook & eye closure or tightening the straps if adjustable.

Your bra is too small if:

Selecting Bra Styles and Features
some women find a bra they like, buy several in each color available and continue to buy that same style for years and years. That's great. But most women will find that their lifestyle demands several styles of bras. There may be features, however, that you will find you prefer in every bra you choose.

Underwire vs. Wirefree:
This is the first decision most women make. Women who want plenty of support usually select underwire bras. Women who found underwire bras uncomfortable often choose wirefree (or soft cup) bras. However, with today's advances in fabrication, technology and engineering, these generalizations are no longer completely accurate. Many underwire bras are engineered to be exceptionally comfortable, while wireless bras may have fabric and technology that gives them exceptional support. Depending on what other features you are looking for, you may want to try both underwire and wirefree styles.

With modern engineering, no bra should have annoying straps. Look for padded straps, wide straps, no slip straps, convertible straps and comfort straps. While some bras offer rigid straps in the largest sizes, most straps are stretch and adjustable.

Front Hook Bras:
Are easy to put on and take off. They often fit well under plunging necklines. Back support bras are usually front hook styles.

Ideal for form-fitting tops, such as t-shirts.

Reduce your bustline comfortably. Ideal for tight button-front blouses to prevent "gaps."

Sports Bras:
Offer extra support and often wicking or breathability features that allow you to exercise in comfort. Often have racer back styling and no hardware.

Leisure Bras:
Ideal for sleeping or relaxing around the house. Usually have lots of stretch. Many larger-breasted women appreciate the comfort of sleeping in a leisure bra.

Strapless or Convertible Bras:
For no-show under a variety of fashions, including backless, spaghetti strap and halter styles. Again, advances in technology make these styles more comfortable and secure than in the past.

Posture or Back Support Bras:
Extra support panels across the back and shoulders. Usually front hook. Often preferred by women with backaches.

with built-in bras "solve" the problem of bra straps showing.

Bra Care and Laundering
Your bra will provide longer wear and support if you follow the proper washing and drying instructions on your care label. If the label suggests hand-washing, use a cleansing product designed for delicate fabrics. For machine-washable bras, attach hooks and eyes to avoid tangling, then place bras in a lingerie bag before washing on the delicate cycle, in cool water with gentle detergent. Lay bras flat to air dry. Do not put bras in clothes dryer.



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